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  • Any Sony a7R3 shooters out there who also use the awesome Photo Mechanic software from Camera Bits?

    Be careful right now with Pixel Shift images.


    I just picked up my a7R3 the other week […]

  • Skylum’s Luminar 2018 received an update for Windows today, bringing the current version to v1.1.0 (1235).

    In this video I will show you all the new improvements.

    Be sure to download my free Luminar presets […]

  • Luminar 2018, the newest version of Luminar from Skylum/Macphun, is now available for pre-order for both Mac and Windows users!


    I have been using an early beta of Luminar 2018 for the last couple […]

  • Join me this Friday, September 15, 2018 for a FREE Live Webinar I am doing with Macphun at 7pm MDT.

    I will be showing off some of the best new features of Aurora HDR 2018 which is coming to Mac’s and Windows […]

  • As announced a month ago Macphun is set to release Aurora HDR 2018, their second paid upgrade to their excellent Aurora HDR software. The program, which debuted in November of 2015, received a paid upgrade a year […]

    • Hi Jim,

      I have processed some great stuff from Zion – will take a look and see how photos I have from the Moab area look – if I even have any exposure brackets from there. But almost all other photos I have been throwing at it are coming out more natural than in v2017.

      And in regards to some of your first images – at least you now have set your threshold and know where your limits of acceptability are. Now you can focus on fine-tuning images more to your current taste! 🙂

    • I am not sure I understand your question Bennie… but Macphun does not offer monthly subscriptions like Adobe does.

  • Luminar from Macphun received a free update today to their Mac software to bring the current version to v1.2.1

    Users can update by opening the program as a stand-alone and clicking on Check for Updates under […]

  • Tomorrow I will be photographing the Total Solar Eclipse above the Tetons in Wyoming on the Idaho side with a spectacular view of the Grand Tetons. 

    Here’s how I am doing it with 2 different camera […]

  • I am excited to announce some awesome news – Macphun’s Aurora HDR will be upgraded later this year AND it will be available for Window’s users for the first time ever!! Aurora HDR has been my go-to HDR program […]

    • Me too John. And there just might be a couple more enhancements coming our way with the upgrade that hasn’t been publicly mentioned yet. Keeping my fingers crossed that they make it into the September release 🙂

    • 🙂

    • Too soon to tell Mike. It’s important to understand something though in regards to the presets between the original Aurora and v2017. They made some big changes to the way photos were tone mapped and also made improvements to some of the filters too. Even if they somehow did make the presets compatible, chances are that the presets would give completely different results between the 2 programs or in some cases not even work. Presets are made based on specific slider adjustments – if that slider doesn’t exist anymore in a new version, or the algorithm is different for it, the preset either won’t work or won’t look the same.

    • Sure thing!

    • Hi Paul – the same answer I gave to Mike above regarding presets would be the same for saving your work in the proprietary .mpaur file. If they add/remove sliders and change algorithms to sliders, how could they make .mpaur files and presets compatible between major new releases of the software? My guess – and this is just a guess as I don’t have my hands on the v2018 beta just yet – is that the .mpaur files from 2017 will not be compatible with the v2018 files if they make changes again to the sliders. We will find out soon enough. And if that is so, keep v2017 around for your old files you worked on and use v2018 for the new brackets.

    • Hi Mike. Lightroom is honestly terrible at HDR. I can get pretty much the same results in LR by using the middle exposure bracket and cranking up the highlights and shadows slider. Aurora HDR is 100% designed for exposure brackets. The HDR in LR is really just an afterthought. You can’t even compare the 2 programs for HDR images – it’s not a fair fight. Oh, and did I mention that Aurora supports Layers? Something LR doesn’t, for one…

  • Macphun today has released a public beta for Windows of it’s award-winning adaptive all-in-one photo editing program Luminar which was originally released for Mac computers in November of 2016. Countless people […]

    • What is your base ISO that is giving you bad noise, and what filters are causing it? High noise hasn’t been my experience in the Mac version.

    • Yes – thanks for mentioning the “Send Feedback” option Kevin!

    • Wow Mar – all 3 of those programs you mentioned are completely different from each other. And Luminar is different too. Why not try the free download and explore and see what you come up with. Every program has it’s strengths and weaknesses and that can be different for each photographer.

    • Currently it runs as a standalone. In the future it will also run as a plugin to LR and PS.

    • Ok so the presets you mentioned you are seeing noise with – Colors of the Fall and Bright Day – have adjustments to the Clarity and Structure filters. All you need to do is lower the amount of those filters – or better yet – use the masking brush to paint out the effect wherever you see the noise 🙂

    • Again it is best to download the free trial and find out. I don’t use Topaz so can’t comment there, but you mentioned ON1 and Affinity.

      Both are completely different – Affinity is like Photoshop and like Camera RAW in regards to RAW files. ON1 is completely different from Affinity in the way it handles things.

      Luminar too is different. Luminar has over 40 filters. ON1 has 23. Each program has it’s own algorithms for dealing with RAW files. ON1 has it’s own browser. Affinity and Luminar don’t (Luminar will have one in the future). ON1 and Affinity have content aware brushes – Luminar doesn’t.

      Each program is better than the other in certain aspects. The only way to find out what you personally like or don’t like is to download the free trial and experiment. I don’t know how you process photos, don’t know what tools are important to you, so I can’t recommend which one to use. You will have to determine that yourself by trying it out.

    • I am a Mac guy so I have no idea on that. I would contact

    • My professional opinion has been and continues to be to download the trial and to see what it does. Have you done that yet? I am repeating myself here but each program has it’s own strengths and weaknesses and the only way to see how that works for you personally is to try them out. I am independent and only recommend what I use, and I use PS, Affinity, ON1, Capture One Pro, and various Macphun products as well as other photo software. Sometimes a photo goes into one program, sometimes it goes into many. That’s how I work, and might not be the way you do. I can’t tell you what to use – and that is a benefit of me not working for a particular company on staff. If I was on staff for a company I couldn’t recommend downloading other software. How does that help you with such a biased opinion? I can only present you with options and teach you how to use them. It is up to you to decide which program(s) work for you. And the first step in doing that is to download the free trial and start using it and see how it fits in with your own photos and personal workflow.

    • Hey Vinny – here are some answers for you:

      – How non destructive is it? In selecting filters vs layers – at what point does the program become destructive?
      Right now it is non destructive until you export it as a jpg file – the only way to export right now in the Windows Beta. Eventually you will be able to save as a .lmnr file which will keep all layers and adjustments and would be fully non-destructive

      – Any type of “smart brushes” in Luminar?
      Nope – and I keep bugging them to add them to the program 😉

      – I’m not seeing any blending modes in either the filters or layers and I know they are missing from the Beta – are blending modes available in Luminar for both of these or only layers?
      They will be available for both in the future. They are currently available on the Mac version.

    • Maybe it didn’t fully download? If I recall correctly it downloads a zip file that you have to then open.

    • Hey Amanda – yes the current Windows beta is definitely a stripped-down version and there is much more to come! And I would guess that performance would definitely improve between the beta and the shipping version. And how cool to have Aurora HDR now available soon for all the Windows users? 🙂

  • Macphun today has released a new free update to Luminar, now called Luminar Neptune, and it has a few awesome new features!!

    I have been using a beta version of it for about a week now and these new features […]

    • Glad you enjoyed it! Yes, you can move the center point all over the place. Try doing an extreme darkening of top or bottom only, then drag and move it around to get an understanding of what is happening – that’s a good tip to use with all sliders and tools – max it out to really see what’s going on, then back off to fine-tune.

    • Oh no! Here is their support:

    • Open the standalone version of Luminar and in the file menu, go to Luminar/Check for Updates

    • There is definitely a lot to stay on top of – glad you enjoyed the video 🙂

  • ON1 has just released the latest update to ON1 Photo RAW the other day giving it their traditional version .5 update. They have been doing this each year midway through the lifespan of their now yearly upgrade […]

  • With my newly launched website, I will now be writing photo reviews, tips, and photo related news here.

    My old blog location will continue, but will be geared more towards my fine art […]

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