Mastering Luminar Online Training Video

With Fine Art Photographer & Educator Matt Suess

Mastering Luminar Online Training Video - with Matt Suess

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Luminar is a brand new program from Macphun that is the company's first all-in-one photo editor & RAW processor.

Learn how to edit and enhance your photos in this software that is full of features & options in my comprehensive step-by-step online course. (check out my preview on Luminar).

This is the most complete training video available for Machpun's Luminar!

Course Features

  • Over 80 videos
  • Over 7.5 hours of content
  • The Most Complete Luminar Online Course Available
  • Video available in HD 1080p
  • Course photos are included so you can follow along and practice
  • Workflow options for using with other programs like Lightroom, Capture One Pro, Aurora HDR 2017, and the Creative Kit
  • Videos on using Layers & Masks and the tools to create them
  • Tips on how best to set up your Workspace
  • Videos explaining each of the 38 Filters in Luminar - great to return to for quick review
  • Available in Streaming Only AND Downloadable Versions
  • Watch the videos as often as you like
  • A set of FREE Presets I created are included
  • The online course features an area to ask questions where I and other students can answer
  • Not only color photos are shown & discussed but also black & white photos
  • And much, much more!

Course Curriculum

Chapter 01 - Download Course Photos, Presets & Workspaces 

Chapter 02 - Introduction about Luminar 11:51

  • 02 - Interview with Kevin La Rue - VP of Macphun - 11:51

Chapter 03 - The Interface - 23:14

  • 01 - Opening Images - 01:58
  • 02 - Interface Overview - 08:18
  • 03 - The Histogram - 07:08
  • 04 - Saving & Exporting Files - 05:50

Chapter 04 - File Menus - 16:28

  • 01 - Luminar & File Menus - 04:36
  • 02 - Edit & Layers Menus - 02:47
  • 03 - Filters & Tools Menus - 02:03
  • 04 - Mask & View Menus - 04:27
  • 05 - Window & Help Menu - 02:35

Chapter 05 - Workspaces & All the Filters - 171:35

  • 01 - Filter Basics - 12:05
  • 02 - Using Workspaces - 06:43
  • 03 - Adjustable Gradient - 12:30
  • 04 - Advanced Contrast - 03:14
  • 05 - B&W Conversion - 11:39
  • 06 - Bi-Color Toning - 04:07
  • 07 - Brightness / Contrast - 01:32
  • 08 - Channel Mixer - 06:00
  • 09 - Clarity - 02:11
  • 10 - Color Balance - 03:21
  • 11 - Color Contrast - 02:49
  • 12 - Color Temperature - 02:14
  • 13 - Cross Processing - 02:55
  • 14 - Curves - 13:26
  • 15 - Details Enhancer - 06:20
  • 16 - Dramatic - 03:08
  • 17 - Exposure - 02:20
  • 18 - Fog - 03:54
  • 19 - Foliage - 03:19
  • 20 - Grain - 02:49
  • 21 - High Key - 02:41
  • 22 - Highlights / Shadows - 03:58
  • 23 - HSL - 05:31
  • 24 - Image Radiance - 04:14
  • 25 - Micro Structure - 02:43
  • 26 - Orton Effect - 03:31
  • 27 - Photo Filter - 03:33
  • 28 - Polarizing Filter - 02:14
  • 29 - Remove Color Cast - 03:44
  • 30 - Saturation / Vibrance - 02:52
  • 31 - Sharpening - 03:05
  • 32 - Soft Focus - 01:44
  • 33 - Soft Glow - 02:25
  • 34 - Split Color Warmth - 01:56
  • 35 - Split Toning - 03:47
  • 36 - Structure - 01:47
  • 37 - Texture Overlay - 04:01
  • 38 - Tone - 05:48
  • 39 - Top & Bottom Lighting - 01:53

Chapter 06 - Luminar's Pluto Update - 33:04

  • 01 - Pluto v1.1.0 Update Overview - 07:46
  • 02 - Golden Hour Filter - 03:39
  • 03 - Dehaze Filter - 02:42
  • 04 - Color Temperature Filter Improved - 05:45
  • 05 - Batch Processing - 13:12

Chapter 07 - Workflow - 34:58 

  • 01 - Using as a Standalone Program - 05:11
  • 02 - Using as a Plugin in Photoshop - 08:16
  • 03 - Using as a Plugin in Lightroom - 07:48
  • 04 - Using with Capture One Pro - 04:53
  • 05 - Using with Photos - 01:58
  • 06 - Using with ON1 Photo RAW - 05:10
  • 07 - Using with Other Machpun Software - 01:42

Chapter 08 - Tools in the Side Toolbar - 35:57 

  • 01 - Hand Mode - 02:00
  • 02 - Transform Tool - 01:58
  • 03 - Clone & Stamp Tool - 10:21
  • 04 - Erase Tool - 08:49
  • 05 - Denoise Tool - 06:09
  • 06 - Crop Tool - 06:40

Chapter 09 - Editing Our First Photos With Global Adjustments - 40:09 

  • 01 - Using Presets to Enhance a Photo - 13:31
  • 02 - Saving & Modifying Your Presets - 04:51
  • 03 - Enhancing with No Presets - 11:38
  • 04 - Making a Sunset Photo Pop - 10:09

Chapter 10 - Layers & Masking - 82:28

  • 01 - Layer Basics - 10:46
  • 02 - Masking Brush Tool - 14:03
  • 03 - Gradient Mask Mode - 03:48
  • 04 - Radial Mask Mode - 02:51
  • 05 - Edit a Photo with Layers & Masks Using Brush Tool - 24:49
  • 06 - Using Masks on Individual Filters - 05:55
  • 07 - Luminosity Masking - 08:55
  • 08 - Editing a Photo With Layers & Masks with Gradient & Radial Tools - 11:21

Chapter 11 - Black and White - 21:40 

  • 01 - Using the B&W Filter - 08:50
  • 02 - Advanced B&W Using the HSL Filter - 07:24
  • 03 - Using the Channel Mixer - 05:26

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Over 80 Videos
Over 7.5 Hours Content
Videos Recorded in 1080p HD
Private Group & Forum to Ask Questions and Meet Fellow Students
Free Course Updates During the Life of Luminar v1.x
Special Upgrade Pricing Whenever Macphun Might Release a Luminar v2.x
Course Photos, Workspaces & Presets
Streaming Video
Downloadable Videos

Streaming Only


  • Over 80 Videos
  • Over 7.5 Hours Content
  • Videos Recorded in 1080p HD
  • Private Group & Forum to Ask Questions and Meet Fellow Students
  • Free Course Updates During the Life of Luminar v1.x
  • Special Upgrade Pricing Whenever Macphun Might Release a Luminar v2.x
  • Course Photos, Workspaces & Presets
  • Streaming Video
  • Downloadable Videos

Free Videos From The Actual Course

Watch these FREE videos from the actual course to get an idea on how the course looks!

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What Matt's Students Have to Say

Actual testimonials from online, classroom, and field workshop students.

  • As someone new to photography, Matt was exceptional at cultivating my novice level while educating the group at a comprehensive level in the photography field. He worked relentlessly to provide us the knowledge necessary and incessantly positioned us in superlative places for stunning scenic and wildlife pictures. Matt has extraordinary talent in the realm of photography, however, he is equally as impressive with his teaching and relational skills with his students.
    Mike Parsons Mike Parsons
  • Thank you very much for a great workshop. I learned and practiced more things in this workshop than in all the others I have taken.
    Frank Croft Frank Croft
  • I found Matt’s one on one tutorial session was a perfect format for me to learn HDR. Matt’s warm and personal approach immediately put me at ease. Matt perfectly sized my skill level and personalized the pace so the information flow maximized my absorption of the subject I was able to interrupt and ask questions whenever I needed without concerns of interrupting a class. This really accentuated my climbing of the learning curve. Matt is a skilled teacher and made it “All about ME”. In two hours time Matt led me from neophyte to knowledgable user. I can’t imagine a more efficient way to enhance my photographic skills. The followup recording of our session provided positive reinforcement solidifying my new found expertise. I consider it a true value and a hyper efficient methodology for skill transfer. I will be using Matt’s skills as an expert teacher again. I look forward to our next session.
    Jay McDonald Jay McDonald
  • This was the class I was looking for. I had been using Perfect Photo for about a year and had watched some of the video presentations but did not really have the feel I wanted for the program. I had been searching for several months for someone to teach a face-to-face class and finally came upon Matt after seeing a link through on1’s emails. This was a crash course but it was perfect. Great explanations and demonstrations with plenty of time to ask questions and receive one-on-one time when needed. Matt’s experience as photographers and users of the software was very evident. It’s nice to have someone who actually uses a program in real life situations instead of a company representative. After sitting through this class, I can now start to do more with my photos and use Matt’s and on1’s videos as refreshers to the class. I now have a better understanding of the capabilities of the program and what I want to do or need to do with my photos.
    Richard Hart Richard Hart Tampa, FL

General F.A.Q's Regarding Matt's Workshops

What sets your workshops apart from other workshops?

I absolutely love teaching! I have over 27 years of experience making my career with my cameras and teaching & sharing my experiences along the way.
I am detail orientated and put the needs of my students first. I have extensive experience dealing with all types of situations and people and love answering all of my students’ questions.
I have a unique photo background with experience creating and selling my work in such diverse fields as photojournalism, sports, portrait, wedding, editorial, and commercial photography. My specialty since 2006 has been fine art landscape photography.
I draw from all of those life experiences to provide you with whatever technical and artistic guidance you need. With my help, you will grow and expand your visual expression as well as your technical skills.  In addition, I hope you have a great time in the process, immersing yourself in the total experience and sharing in my passion for photography.

Can my spouse, relative, friend, pet, etc. attend any or all of the workshop?

I have a no tag-along policy. Spouses, family members, friends, etc. who are traveling with you and who haven’t registered are unable to partake in any group functions. Workshops are also not a location for pets and as such are not allowed with the exception of guide dogs. If a spouse or friend wants to attend they will need to register.

Do you photograph during field workshops?

Yes I do on occasion and only when the light is amazing or when I need to photograph certain subjects for later classroom use. When I do photograph along with my students, the goal is to inspire them to learn to see an image the way I do. It can be extremely valuable watching me work a scene. Rest assured however that I am far more concerned that my students get the shot and ALWAYS put their needs first.

Do you provide travel insurance for your workshop participants?

I do NOT provide travel insurance as part of my workshop fees, but definitely recommend it. I highly recommend trip insurance that also includes travel health insurance. Travelex Insurance Services is a BBB Accredited business with an A+ rating (although note I have no personal experience with this company). The cost for travel insurance is typically 4-7% of the total trip cost, depending upon age and other variable factors.

What’s included in my tuition? Rooms, transportation, meals?

Tuition includes all lectures, fieldwork, guiding, classroom instruction and critiques of your digital files during our classroom sessions. Travel costs, lodging, entrance fees, and meals are not included in the cost of admission unless otherwise specified.

Are there restrictions on participation?

My workshops do not normally entail strenuous activity unless specified. Nevertheless, participants must be able to complete moderate walks/hikes with their required photo gear, sometimes on uneven or slippery surfaces.  If you have any health problems or physical limitations, please let me know prior to booking.

Why should I attend one of your workshops?

I will teach you how to create inspiring and amazing fine art quality photographs. You will learn how to see more creatively and how to translate that vision into a final image that has emotional impact.
I make it easy to learn techniques and concepts that you will take with you every time you walk out the door with your camera.  I have extensive experience shooting and selling my fine art photography as well as teaching the concepts of photography. I am a hands-on learner myself and teach using a hands-on approach that will give you the best opportunity to retain information and further your photography skills long after the workshop has concluded.
Lastly I love teaching small groups. Most of my workshops feature small sizes with up to 10 students on average. This allows for extremely low teacher to student ratios and provides valuable one-on-one opportunities to work with me during the workshop.

What level of photography experience do I have to have in order to attend one of your workshops?

It depends upon the workshop, so please check with the specific workshop you are interested. I especially love teaching beginner and intermediate photographers.

What should I bring with me to one of your workshops?

You will receive a workshop welcome kit before the start that will contain detailed information regarding the proper gear to bring with you.

What happens in bad weather?

I love weather of all sorts!  Great photos can be found under some seemingly dreary skies. Many times we will be out in stormy weather, provided it’s not putting you or your equipment at risk. Great pictures can happen during fog, snow, rain and mist. If conditions are too extreme, we will find a location to wait out the weather. During this time, we can work on our images on our laptops while I assist you and give demonstrations.

Do you provide transportation?

I do not supply transportation for my workshops. I encourage participants to carpool once the program has begun, to minimize our impact on the environment and to facilitate parking. Please come expecting to share your car with others or to jump in and share someone else’s.

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