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Welcome Back, !

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: If you have purchased one of my courses before at note that this website is undergoing a major revision with tons of new features! The update will be finished soon. IN THE MEANTIME TO ACCESS YOUR COURSES please go to and use your username and password that you had for 

Once the updates have been finished here at you will be emailed a new password for that site and will be shut down.

In the Meantime: For those of you who have purchased downloadable versions of my courses - please be sure to finish your downloads ASAP. You will eventually have access to those downloads in the new but that may not be implemented right away

For Students enrolled in the Perfect Photo Suite 9 course: Considering this course is related to software from ON1 that is already a few generations back, this course will not be available in the new so be sure to download all the course videos ASAP. If you own the streaming-only version and wish to receive the downloaded videos, email me and I will enable downloads for you. Once is fully activated, will cease to be in use and the course will disappear.

What’s going to be new here at I am super excited about this major update, and I think you will be too! You will have your own profile that is visible to others (you can make it private if you want). Other students and those logged into the site can find you, friend and/or follow you, message one another, you will have your own photos album to upload photos to, your own Facebook-like Wall and News Feed, access to groups and forums, and so much more. Students enrolled in a particular course will automatically gain access to a private group and forum devoted to that course, and there will be public groups and forums that both non-students and students can become members of and follow. My workshop students will also have their own private groups as well where photos from the workshop can be shared and students can meet each other before the workshop starts as well as keep in touch with each other after the workshop ends. Because of this major site update, I had to push back the recording of new courses. But the site is very close to going live and I am looking forward to begin recording new class material soon!