2019 Grand Teton Milky Way & Night Sky Photo Workshop

With Matt Suess, June 29 - July 3, 2019

Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Grand Teton National Park is one of the most beautiful and majestic landscapes in the world, with the Teton Range rising more than 7,000 feet above the valley. Located in northwestern Wyoming, Grand Teton National Park has some of the more dramatic scenery in the Rocky Mountains. It is sure to be an inspiration for any photographer looking to create beautiful images. 

This workshop is scheduled around the new moon when the sky is at it's darkest, allowing for prime viewing of the Milky Way and Night Sky.

Grand Teton National Park is one of the best places in the U.S. to view and photograph the Milky Way & Night Sky due to it's location far from any major cities and features very little light pollution and less air traffic than other popular areas like Joshua Tree NP & Bryce Canyon NP.

3rd Annual Grand Teton Milky Way & Night Sky Photography Workshop

Dates: 5 Days (4 Nights): Saturday, June 29 – Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Location: Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Skill Level: Any - from Beginner to Pro

Class Size: Limited to just 6 students

Type: Field Workshop

Status: SOLD OUT Contact Me if you wish to be put on a waitlist.


I am an authorized CUA permit holder of the National Park Service and conduct my workshops based on the permit’s guidelines.

The slideshow above features images that were either photographed during my own scouting trips this time of year or during my previous Teton Milky Way Photo Workshops, providing you a good idea on what to expect.

During the workshop I will show techniques on how to both reduce noise in the sky & how to bring out foreground detail with long exposures and blend all the shots together.

Spend 4 nights and 5 days in the magnificent Grand Teton National Park with me photographing the night sky. I will be there to teach you all I know about photographing the night sky. The proper camera settings are essential to getting the right shot, and I will share with you my techniques for proper exposure as well as ways to dramatically reduce noise in your photos. We will cover shooting techniques such as stacking for noise reduction, long exposures for foreground detail, how to photograph star trails, and more.

This is a shooting-intensive landscape photo workshop with both one-on-one and group instruction in the field. It is scheduled for when the new moon occurs. This will provide us with dark skies all night giving us perfect conditions for the Milky Way.

New for 2019!!

  • 4 Nights instead of 3. This means more opportunity to photograph and learn.
  • One or Two sessions of post processing demos & instruction will be provided, so you can learn how to make the most of the photos you are creating and to also share what you photographed with the group.

We will be ready for great sunsets if they happen and will be photographing all night through sunrise. This sunset was photographed during my 2018 June Tetons Milky Way Photo Workshop.

What You Will Study & Learn

You will learn & improve your skills in the following areas:

  • Getting Perfect Exposures
  • Composition and Framing
  • Choosing the Correct Focal Length Lens for the Situation
  • How to Choose the Correct ISO, F-Stop, Shutter Speed and White Balance for Night Photography
  • Photographing Stitched Panoramas
  • Working a Scene to Create Numerous Photos & Compositions from One Location
  • Techniques for Reducing Noise
  • Techniques for Brightening Up Your Foregrounds
  • Long Exposures up to One Hour for Star Trails
  • Star Stacking Techniques
  • Using Apps on Your Phone to Find the Milky Way
  • Techniques for Focusing at Night
  • How to Use Your Intervelometer and/or Pluto Trigger
  • And Much, Much More!!

Photographed during my 2017 June Tetons Milky Way Workshop. While this photo may look like it has been light-painted or low level lights were used for the cabin, absolutely no artificial light was used. I will teach you how to achieve this during the workshop.

With a small class size of just 6 students for my 2019 workshop there will be plenty of time to work with me on a one-on-one basis during our group setting. I can assist you individually on pretty much anything you want to focus on regarding landscape and wildlife photography.

Photographed during my 2017 Tetons Milky Way Photo Workshop

Who Is This Workshop For?

This workshop is designed for any skill level, yet a DSLR or equivalent (like the Sony Mirrorless cameras) with interchangeable lenses and a sturdy tripod are required, as is a basic working knowledge of your camera. 

Most students who take my workshops are beginners to advanced amateurs. These workshops are filled with hands-on instruction, demonstrations, and even a session or 2 in the field with my laptop going over some processing tips.

4 Unique Features of This Workshop

  • Only 6 Students! Some photo workshops allow as many as 12 students, but this workshop is limited to just 6. This means more one-on-one time with me and less distractions from a large group.
  • We will be going to some popular iconic locations but also many less known but stunning locations for night sky photography that I have found with my years of experience photographing in Grand Teton National Park.
  • This workshop features 3 Unique Focus Areas: Technique, Composition, and Personal Style. With such a small group I will be able to work with you individually to help you begin to develop or to refine your own personal style, which will be accomplished through the use of night sky techniques, composition, & post processing.
  • We will have at least one 2+ hour sit-down session with our laptops where I will give photo demonstrations on various photo programs and show some tips on how to enhance photos, where you can ask about your own photo workflows, and where we can all view and discuss each other's photos to enhance your learning.

Students during my 2017 Tetons Milky Way Photo Workshop.


This workshop is scheduled around the new moon and we will have completely dark skies for each of the nights during this workshop which will be ideal for photographing the Milky Way.

This workshop is also not like other night workshops that only stay out for a few hours in the evening. We will start out just after sunset (unless conditions seem favorable to a good sunset in which case we will head out earlier) and shoot all night and finish up after sunrise. You will have numerous opportunities to photograph the Milky Way from different locations and you will also have the ability to work on very long exposures and star stacking with times of up to an hour long!

You will not feel rushed during this workshop. Photographing the night sky takes time, and you will have ample time at each location to perfect your shot. Plan on 2 to 3 different locations maximun per evening. Many locations yield themselves to multiple shots and angles.

There is no official classroom portion to this workshop, yet I will definitely be doing a few demonstrations on my laptop showing various post-processing techiques using a number of different photo software programs to show you how to get the best out of your night photos. 

This is a landscape photography workshop and that will be our primary focus. However with the amount of wildlife in the park we will certainly keep an eye out for and photograph any wildlife we come across during our sunrise shoots.

Saturday Afternoon

We will meet at approx. 1 or 2pm for a late lunch (exact time and location will be emailed to you prior to the start of the workshop) for orientation to go over our final itinerary and to discuss park layout, safety, personal goals, and get to know one another in a casual atmosphere.

I will also give a brief presentation on what we can expect photographically during our time together and talk about how I photographed the scenes shown in the presentation.

Following our meeting we will break for approx. 5-6 hours to allow everyone some time to take a nap for a few hours to prepare ourselves for our first night out together.

Saturday Night/Sunday Morning

We will meet between 9pm and 10pm and drive to our first location arriving during the blue hour after sunset. We will then shoot at various locations all night through sunrise, which is at approx. 5:40am. Shooting will end by 7am giving us the rest of the day to eat, sleep, and take a look at images before the next session. A group breakfast is possible depending on where we are.

Sunday Night/Monday Morning

Same as the previous evening.

Monday Night/Tuesday Morning

Same as the previous evening.

Tuesday Night/Wednesday Morning

Same as previous evening with the exception that the workshop will end following our sunrise shoot at approx. 7am.


Post processing sessions will be scheduled to replace sunrise photography depending on the weather. If there is a lack of morning clouds we will pass on the sunrise shoot and spend time post processing after an early breakfast.
In the event of rain we will either spend time post processing and/or waiting it out for the rain showers to end depending on how the weather is looking. I have a number of weather apps that I use for night photography that will enable me to make best guesses as to the best use of our time each night. On cloudy nights we will be out photographing looking for breaks in the clouds or other creative ways to photograph on such nights.

Class photo from my 2017 June Tetons Milky Way Photo Workshop.

Tuition & Registration

Until the start of the workshop!

3rd Annual Spring Tetons Photo Workshop

Saturday, June 29 – Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Tuition: $1,495 per student, with a limit of 6 students.


Contact me to be put on a waitlist.


$1,495 per student with a limit of 6 students
Workshop Tuition for Saturday, June 29 – Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Before being able to register & pay you must first agree to my Workshop Policies stated below. Once read click on the checkbox and the payment options will be enabled.

Registration to any of my photo workshops acknowledges that you have read, understand and agree to my photo workshop polices outlined here.

Workshop Policies

– Registration is on a first come, first serve basis. Payment is due in full at time of registration unless otherwise specified.

– I have a no tag-along policy. Spouses, family members, friends, etc. who are traveling with you and who have not registered are unable to partake in any group functions. Workshops are also not a location for pets and as such are not allowed with the exception of guide dogs.

– Cancellation Policy: All workshop tuition fees are non-refundable. I understand, however, that emergencies do come up at the last moment that could effect your participation. Should you need to cancel, I can transfer the fees you paid towards another one of my other photo workshops that still has open seats left. Note that there is a $150 administrative fee to do this, and you must sign up for one of my workshops that occurs within 1 year of the workshop you cancel. If the workshop you are transferring to is more than your original amount paid, the remaining balance will be due to complete registration. No fees are to be returned if the transferred workshop is less than your original payment. Workshop fees can only be transferred towards another workshop and can not be used to purchase artwork or other items for sale.

In the event that I deem it necessary to cancel the workshop I will provide a full refund of tuition fees which the participant(s) acknowledges as full and final settlement. In the event of a workshop cancellation airline tickets, car rentals and hotel reservations associated with participation in this workshop will not be refunded. I strongly recommend you purchase refundable airline tickets and make refundable car and hotel reservations. I also recommend you carry travel and camera equipment insurance.

Things beyond my control such as government shutdowns and weather can effect scheduling. In the event of a government shutdown that closes our location to the public, the workshop will not necessarily be cancelled, and locations near the intended location will be considered in an effort to keep the workshop continuing.

Partial Payment: Some workshops may allow for a partial payment when registering. Partial payments are subject to the same cancellation policy stated above. Following your initial partial payment you will be contacted to see how you want to pay the remaining balance. I can bill you monthly for the remaining amount if you desire. Remaining balance must be paid in full before 90 days prior to the start of the workshop. Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of your registration. Fees already paid will be transferred to another workshop at my discretion.

– Liability Limitation: I aim to provide a safe, educational and enjoyable experience. I assume no liability for any act, error, omission, injury, loss, delay, mishap, or damage to persons or property arising from any cause during the course of the workshop or in transit thereto. I can accept no responsibility for losses or additional expenses due to delay or changes in the services to be provided. I reserve the right to change our arrangements should conditions necessitate, or to cancel any aspect of the workshop due to exceptional circumstances.

By participating in this workshop you acknowledge that you have read the information concerning responsibility and release Matt Suess, his guides, instructors and any cooperating agent from any liability. Matt Suess will assume no liability for injury, illness, or loss of personal property or expenses thereof associated with workshop participation. You also acknowledge that Matt Suess has the right to refuse service to anyone at any time and that these policies are subject to change at any time.

– Unless otherwise mentioned, tuition does not include any park admission fees. Hotel / lodging, meals, car rental, any needed gear or equipment rentals, etc. are not included and is the student’s responsibility. A list of area accommodations can be emailed to you following your registration upon request.

– Photos & Video of You: Photos & Video of you may be taken during the workshop and used for advertising future workshops on websites and print media owned by Matt Suess and/or other sites & media that advertise workshops taught by Matt Suess. Acceptance of these terms implies that you agree to such usage with no further compensation above and beyond the photo instruction received during the workshop. If requested, Matt can send you the full-resolution images being used of yourself to keep and make prints from. This also applies to any testimonials provided in-person, online, or on any public forum.


Register Today for my Tetons Milky Way Photo Workshop

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STUDENT ALUMNI: Have you taken a field or classroom workshop with me before? If so, contact me and I will send you a special discount code good for a $100 savings on this workshop.*

*(Alumni Discount can not be combined with any other special offers)

Registration is on a first come, first serve basis. Payment is due in full at time of registration, or you may elect to register today with a partial payment. The remaining balance is due no later than 90 days prior to the start of the workshop. I can bill you monthly for the remaining amount if you desire.

If you are unable to register online, you can register and pay by phone by calling me at 480-818-9566. All major credit cards are accepted or you can pay by check as well. Contact me and I will call you back at the time you desire.

Tuition does not include park admission which is paid at a ranger station upon entering the park and good for 7 days. Hotel / lodging, meals, car rental, any needed gear or equipment rentals, etc. are not included and is the student’s responsibility. A list of area accommodations can be emailed to you following your registration upon request.

Looking for Even More Photo Instruction During Your Trip?

I have had workshop attendees hire me for private one-on-one instruction just before or just after the workshop to further their education.

If you are interested, contact me immediately following your registration to schedule a 4-hour or 8-hour session. The itinerary is completely up to you. Some students have used this for extra time out in the field while others have used this for photo processing training on the computer, or both.

I can only offer this to a few students and it is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Again if you are interested, contact me immediately after your workshop registration.

Rates for these private sessions are at a discount from my normal rates and are $350 for 4 hours and $525 for 8 hours.


I will be staying at the Virginian Lodge in Jackson, Wyoming – just a short drive from downtown Jackson Hole and Grand Teton National Park. I have stayed here for a few years now and most students also stay here. The Lodge features regular rooms and also has an RV park for those traveling via RV. It is not required that you stay at the Virginian Lodge.

It is recommended to make reservations here or anywhere else in Jackson ASAP as most places fill up months in advance!!

The Virginian Lodge phone number is 1-800-262-4999 and the RV Park is 1-800-321-6982.

You will definitely want to be staying in Jackson, WY for the duration of the workshop. I recommend arriving a day early, on Friday. You to catch afternoon flights back home after the workshop ends on Wednesday, or choose to stay a few days before/after the workshop to photograph Yellowstone. The closest airport is the Jackson Hole Airport.

What Matt's Students Have to Say

Actual testimonials from online, classroom, and field workshop students.

  • As someone new to photography, Matt was exceptional at cultivating my novice level while educating the group at a comprehensive level in the photography field. He worked relentlessly to provide us the knowledge necessary and incessantly positioned us in superlative places for stunning scenic and wildlife pictures. Matt has extraordinary talent in the realm of photography, however, he is equally as impressive with his teaching and relational skills with his students.
    Mike Parsons Mike Parsons
  • Thank you very much for a great workshop. I learned and practiced more things in this workshop than in all the others I have taken.
    Frank Croft Frank Croft
  • I found Matt’s one on one tutorial session was a perfect format for me to learn HDR. Matt’s warm and personal approach immediately put me at ease. Matt perfectly sized my skill level and personalized the pace so the information flow maximized my absorption of the subject I was able to interrupt and ask questions whenever I needed without concerns of interrupting a class. This really accentuated my climbing of the learning curve. Matt is a skilled teacher and made it “All about ME”. In two hours time Matt led me from neophyte to knowledgable user. I can’t imagine a more efficient way to enhance my photographic skills. The followup recording of our session provided positive reinforcement solidifying my new found expertise. I consider it a true value and a hyper efficient methodology for skill transfer. I will be using Matt’s skills as an expert teacher again. I look forward to our next session.
    Jay McDonald Jay McDonald
  • This was the class I was looking for. I had been using Perfect Photo for about a year and had watched some of the video presentations but did not really have the feel I wanted for the program. I had been searching for several months for someone to teach a face-to-face class and finally came upon Matt after seeing a link through on1’s emails. This was a crash course but it was perfect. Great explanations and demonstrations with plenty of time to ask questions and receive one-on-one time when needed. Matt’s experience as photographers and users of the software was very evident. It’s nice to have someone who actually uses a program in real life situations instead of a company representative. After sitting through this class, I can now start to do more with my photos and use Matt’s and on1’s videos as refreshers to the class. I now have a better understanding of the capabilities of the program and what I want to do or need to do with my photos.
    Richard Hart Richard Hart Tampa, FL

What to Bring

A complete list of What to Bring will be provided for you shortly after registering. This list will mention required and suggested items regarding camera equipment and clothing. Keep in mind that this workshop takes place in the spring when the weather can range from overnight lows in the mid to upper 30's to daytime temps in the upper 70's. Rain is always a possibility. 

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F.A.Q's Regarding This Tetons Milky Way Photo Workshop

Is there a lot of walking/hiking during this workshop?

No there isn’t. The CUA permit I have from Grand Teton National Park that allows me to conduct photo workshops only allows us to travel 1/2 mile along any trail so that would be the longest walk. There is also little elevation gain on any walks we will do.

You should be in decent physical shape however due to the elevation of where the workshop is held as well as due to the hours this workshop has us out shooting.

Can my spouse, relative, friend, pet, etc. attend?

I have a no tag-along policy. Spouses, family members, friends, etc. who are traveling with you and who haven’t registered are unable to partake in any group functions. Workshops are also not a location for pets and as such are not allowed with the exception of guide dogs. If a spouse or friend wants to attend they will need to register.

Will we work on our computers and learn how to process our photos?

Yes! I have scheduled one to two sessions with our computers where I will demo some post processing tips. This will also be the time for you to ask your own questions on post processing and workflow. We will also have time for a group review of your favorite photos taken during the workshop.

What’s included in my tuition? Rooms, transportation, meals?

Tuition includes all lectures, fieldwork, guiding, computer demos, and critiques of your digital files.

Travel costs, lodging, entrance fees, and meals are not included.

Are there restrictions on participation?

My workshops do not normally entail strenuous activity unless specified. Nevertheless, participants must be able to complete moderate walks/hikes with their required photo gear, sometimes on uneven or slippery surfaces.  If you have any health problems or physical limitations, please let me know prior to booking.

What happens if there are clouds or rain overnight blocking the night sky?

This workshop, like any workshop, is at the mercy of Mother Nature. In 2017 we had no clouds or rain overnight whatsoever. But there is no guarantee that will continue to happen on other workshops.

Usually when it rains in the Tetons, it rains in part of the area and doesn’t in another part. One area can be cloudy and another area can have fewer to no clouds. Most rain storms are isolated and come and go quickly. I have a few professional weather/radar apps that I use to evaluate the weather at any given time and can adjust the workshop accordingly.

We will try to find and photograph stars wherever they may be in the park if the weather is questionable. Only on a guaranteed washout will we abandon the night shooting and instead photograph during the daylight hours in which the park, unlike at nighttime, is quite photogenic during the rain. I will be prepared as well to give as many computer demo’s and instruction regarding night photography as possible during the daylight shooting.

Will you be photographing too during the workshop?

Yes I often will be photographing alongside the group. When I do photograph however, my #1 priority is still my students and I have absolutely no problem stopping what I am doing to help anyone at any time. Most of the time I am photographing, it is to tell students exposure settings and to show composition ideas and other things to consider.

Students have told me that in some other workshops they have taken, it seems like the instructor is more interested in his/her own shots and often ignores or even leaves the group to photograph in better locations. My workshops are not like that at all and I am far more concerned that my students get the shot.

I am a pure beginner (or pro) photographer. Is this workshop for me?

This workshop is open to all photography levels from beginner to advanced. I have had students who didn’t know what an f-stop was and I have had those who are already selling their own prints either part time or professionally. Being an extremely small class, I am able to work with each student individually no matter their experience level to help them improve and reach their individual goals.

What is your experience photographing in Grand Teton National Park?

I have been photographing the Tetons for a number of years and finally began teaching photo workshops there in 2015. For 2018 I taught 4 scheduled group workshops including 2 Milky Way workshops as well as a spring and fall workshop, in addition to a few private one-on-one sessions.

I live just 4.5 hours away from the Tetons and often travel down there throughout the year for my own personal photos as well.

I know of numerous locations to bring my students depending on the time of day and the lighting conditions to maximize time in the field photographing.

Is it safe photographing in the Tetons at night?

Safety is my number 1 concern and I will be doing everything I possibly can to provide a safe environment. All of the Tetons is bear country and I will have bear spray with us. If you have your own, definitely bring it. In addition to bears there are moose, bison, elk, deer, coyotes and some wolves in the Park.

Most of our locations will be near our cars for optimum safety. We will also be photographing together as a group which should scare away any animals. While there is certainly the potential to come across any of these animals while shooting, it is far more common to encounter these animals while driving and we will certainly be driving at or below the speed limit.

Will there be any light painting or use of low level lights to light up objects during this workshop?

Unfortunately no. In 2017 Grand Teton National Park started enforcing a law that prohibits the use of artificial light at night in the Park with the exception of using headlamps while walking/hiking and of course the use of car headlights.

Should this change between now and the workshop then yes, we will use lights provided by me. But if the law remains as is, we will use other techniques to brighten up foregrounds such as longer exposures and the lucky use of the general public’s car headlights as they occasionally drive past certain locations at night.

General F.A.Q's Regarding Matt's Workshops

What sets your workshops apart from other workshops?

I absolutely love teaching! I have almost 30 years of experience making my career with my cameras and teaching & sharing my experiences along the way.
I am detail orientated and put the needs of my students first. I have extensive experience dealing with all types of situations and people and love answering all of my students’ questions.
I have a unique photo background with experience creating and selling my work in such diverse fields as photojournalism, sports, portrait, wedding, editorial, and commercial photography. My specialty since 2006 has been fine art landscape photography.
I draw from all of those life experiences to provide you with whatever technical and artistic guidance you need. With my help, you will grow and expand your visual expression as well as your technical skills.  In addition, I hope you have a great time in the process, immersing yourself in the total experience and sharing in my passion for photography.

Can my spouse, relative, friend, pet, etc. attend any or all of the workshop?

I have a no tag-along policy. Spouses, family members, friends, etc. who are traveling with you and who haven’t registered are unable to partake in any group functions. Workshops are also not a location for pets and as such are not allowed with the exception of guide dogs. If a spouse or friend wants to attend they will need to register.

Do you photograph during field workshops?

Yes I often will be photographing alongside the group. When I do photograph however, my #1 priority is still my students and I have absolutely no problem stopping what I am doing to help anyone at any time. Most of the time I am photographing, it is to tell students exposure settings and to show composition ideas and other things to consider.

Do you provide travel insurance for your workshop participants?

I do NOT provide travel insurance as part of my workshop fees, but definitely recommend it. I highly recommend trip insurance that also includes travel health insurance. Travelex Insurance Services is a BBB Accredited business with an A+ rating (although note I have no personal experience with this company). The cost for travel insurance is typically 4-7% of the total trip cost, depending upon age and other variable factors.

What’s included in my tuition? Rooms, transportation, meals?

Tuition includes all lectures, fieldwork, guiding, classroom instruction and critiques of your digital files during our classroom sessions. Travel costs, lodging, entrance fees, and meals are not included in the cost of admission unless otherwise specified.

Are there restrictions on participation?

My workshops do not normally entail strenuous activity unless otherwise specified. Nevertheless, participants must be able to complete moderate walks/hikes with their required photo gear, sometimes on uneven or slippery surfaces.  If you have any health problems or physical limitations, please let me know prior to booking.

Why should I attend one of your workshops?

I will teach you how to create inspiring and amazing fine art quality photographs. You will learn how to see more creatively and how to translate that vision into a final image that has emotional impact.
I make it easy to learn techniques and concepts that you will take with you every time you walk out the door with your camera.  I have extensive experience shooting and selling my fine art photography as well as teaching the concepts of photography. I am a hands-on learner myself and teach using a hands-on approach that will give you the best opportunity to retain information and further your photography skills long after the workshop has concluded.
Lastly I love teaching small groups. Most of my workshops feature small sizes with up to 10 students on average. This allows for extremely low teacher to student ratios and provides valuable one-on-one opportunities to work with me during the workshop.

What level of photography experience do I have to have in order to attend one of your workshops?

It depends upon the workshop, so please check with the specific workshop you are interested in.

What should I bring with me to one of your workshops?

You will receive a workshop welcome kit before the start that will contain detailed information regarding the proper gear to bring with you.

What happens in bad weather?

I love weather of all sorts! Great photos can be found under some seemingly dreary skies. Many times we will be out in stormy weather, provided it’s not putting you or your equipment at risk. Great pictures can happen during fog, snow, rain and mist. If conditions are too extreme, we will find a location to wait out the weather. During this time, we can work on our images on our laptops while I assist you and give demonstrations.

Do you provide transportation?

I do not supply transportation for my workshops. During the workshop we will carpool to minimize our impact on the environment and to facilitate parking.

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What makes Matt qualified to teach me?

Experience Matters.

Matt started his photography career when he was 20 back in 1990 and has been a full-time professional photographer & educator ever since. His passion for photography began when he was 12 years old when he had his own black and white darkroom.

Born and raised in Connecticut, Matt carved out a very successful career as a photojournalist for 17 years, culminating in his award of the 2003 New England Press Associations Photographer of the Year. In his career he has photographed celebrities, U.S. Presidents, professional sports (MLB, NFL, NHL, PGA, LPGA, & Pro Tennis), breaking news events, musicians, and more. He has worked with and/or been published by the Associated Press, USA Today, the Boston Herald, the Connecticut Post, Hartford Courant, Cape Cod Times, National Geographic Traveler Magazine, Cape Cod View Magazine, the Middletown Press, and Men’s Journal just to name a few.

During his 17 year photojournalist career he also worked in advertising, commercial, portrait, studio, stock, and wedding photography through his business Matt Suess Photography.

Matt is a digital photography pioneer and began teaching digital photography to photojournalists in the late 90's. His passion for sharing and teaching what he has learned in his impressive and long career is evident in his down-to-earth and encouraging approach with his students.

When Matt moved to Arizona in 2006 he left his photojournalism career behind to pursue a career as a fine art landscape photographer & educator. Since then, he has established himself as one of the leading fine art landscape photographers and photo workshop teachers in the area, if not the US. He has exhibited his photography in 8 states out west at such heavily juried shows as La Quinta, Utah Arts Festival, Jackson Hole Art Festival, Indio Arts Festival, and the Crested Butte Art Festival.

His main exhibition now is the prestigious Celebration of Fine Art in Scottsdale, where 2018 will mark his 5th consecutive year at the 10-week show which runs from January - March. The rest of the year Matt teaches field & classroom workshops in at least 5 different states each year, offers online classes, one-on-one instruction, and provides FREE webinars & education for ON1 and Macphun Software.

But it is Matt's love for teaching that really stands out!

Matt loves nothing more than to share his extensive knowledge with his students. He is passionate about photography and he is passionate about teaching photography and that passion clearly comes through with his teaching style and ability.

Knowing that photography is part technical but also part emotional, Matt is able to explain the technical parts in easy to understand language and addresses the emotional part of photography by showing how one can easily express themselves with their photography and post processing. Matt understands that each student is different in their needs and doesn’t teach them how to photograph like him but rather encourages and guides each student to find their own voice and style through their own photography.

Lastly, Matt holds nothing back. He will teach you as much as you want to learn and teach you all of his “secrets”. In his field workshops he will bring you to his favorite locations and show you how to create the best possible photos from those spots and in his classroom workshops he will show you exactly what he does to his photos and help you adapt it to your own style.